Sophie is a French woman born in 1972 in La Rochelle. After high school she moved to Paris to become an engineer and graduated in 1995 in Internet Network Communications.


During a first carrier of 10 years as an engineer in Telecom Companies, Sophie took all the opportunities to benefit from the artist traditions of Paris.

In the museum she felt very inspired by the technique of the old masters, the vitality of the expressionists and by the French sculptors of the nineteenth century like Rodin, Camille Claudel, Carpeau and Dalou.

There, she progressively nourished a strong desire for expressing herself through Art and took part in Art classes in various ateliers.

During her life drawing sessions in l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, she felt inspired by the complexity and variety of the human figure. She then decided to further explore its three dimensional expression in sculpture workshops.


When she then moved to London in 2009, she joined the private studio of Hywel Pratley, who is also a teacher in the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. With Hywel and the Florence Academy of Art she discovered her everlasting passion for sculpting, which naturally lead her to study in the full time program under the direction of Robert Bodem.


She will graduate in June 2017. She expects to then open her own studio in Paris in order to perpetuate the tradition of figurative sculpture and atelier inspired by the French sculptors.


2016 – 2

2 Honorable Mentions in the international ARC Salon competition and 1 Finalist


2014 – 2017

The Florence Academy of Art (FAA)

Sophie will graduate in June 2017 from the

The Figurative Sculpture Program

Including drawing and Ecorché Class

July 2016

Summer Class at The Barcelona Academy of Art
Sculpture with Grzegorz Gwiasda

2009 - 2014

Short courses and workshops in London:

The society of Portrait Sculptors – with Etienne Millner
Master class for portrait sculptors

LARA (London Atelier of Representative Art)
Summer course – Sculpting the figure from life

The Heatherley School of fine Art - with Veronica Ricks
Figurative sculpture

The Royal Drawing School – with Marcus Cornish
Sculpting a head  and sculpting a figure

The Masbro center - with Hywel Pratley
Sculpting the portrait and figure from Life

Kensington and Chelsea College of Art
Sculpture material and techniques

The Chelsea College of Art
Life drawing

2003 - 2009

Short courses in Paris:

Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris
Life Drawing and Painting from Life

Atelier du Carroussel du Louvres Paris
Figurative Clay modeling
Painting as old masters
Drawing from observation
Drawing exteriors and perspective